obtained from the natural crossing of two Inotalis varieties. Bred and registered by Darbonne - Inotalis. EU 16910 (27-02-06)


Plants are vigorous and vegetative with strong rooting capacity. 
Trusses are elongated. Plant has some susceptibility to Botrytis and moderate tolerance to soil diseases, salinity and winter hardiness. Growing experience indicates a chilling requirement of 800 hours under +7ºC.


Daroyal berries have an appealing regular, conical shape. The skin is somewhat darker when left to mature on the plant and in extended cold storage. Both skin and flesh are dark red but fruit is firmer than Honeoye and has a glossy appearance.
The percentage of unmarketable fruit is low. Average berry weight is higher than Honeoye; shelf life is similar to it. When picked fully ripen, the flavour is sweet and the texture is juicy. The fruit has some susceptibility to Botrytis.


To date the commercial yield of Daroyal has been slightly higher than Honeoye. The picking rate is similar to Honeoye.

Agronomical characteristics

Daroyal enables growers to start their season with quality fruit, and productive plants. The combination of Daroyal for early season, Darselect for main season and Daisy for late is the key for success. Daroyal is suitable for all types of retail outlets. For controlling vigour, it is recommended that the density of plants and nitrogen is reduced. For preserving quality and general appearance, it is important to harvest regularly at the optimum maturity level. Good production either under plastic tunnels or open fields.